Coinbase partners with leading esports platform, Team Liquid

Team Liquid has announced a four-year partnership with the leading US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase Global. The announcement made on Wednesday stated that the partnership would enable the integration of crypto gaming into the general crypto business.

Team Liquid is an esports and gaming firm with operations across the gaming sector. Its most notable projects include League of Legends and Fortnite.

Team Liquid working with Coinbase

In the announcement, Team Liquid stated that this partnership would allow the “crossover between gaming and crypto-curious audiences.” The two firms will also have a chance to create fresh content revolving around the crypto space.

Team Liquid will benefit from Coinbase because its users will have access to crypto payments for its marketplace. The two will also work together to create technology that will boost fan engagement.

The owner and co-CEO of Team Liquid, Steve Arhancet, stated that “Like a lot of our fans, crypto was new to me once, but once I started reading and watching, I realized that it wasn’t some passing fad. Together with Coinbase, we hope we can demystify crypto for Team Liquid fans.”

Team Liquid is a platform launched in 2000, and it has over 100 gamers participating in its esports gaming titles. Its most notable titles include Fortnite, League of Legends and Valorant.

Coinbase will benefit from this partnership by having its name written on the organization’s jerseys. Once Coinbase launches its NFT platform, it could also be used across the gaming platforms.

Crypto firms partnering with esports teams

Major cryptocurrency exchanges are competing to make partnerships with firms in the esports space. Mid this year, FTX, one of the leading exchanges in the US, announced signing a seven-year sponsorship deal with League Championship Series. This deal will cater across titles such as the League of Legends and others.

Besides online sports, exchanges are also looking for partnerships with physical sporting teams. Coinbase recently signed an advertisement deal with the NBA. FTX also announced that it has secured an advertisement deal with Super Bowl, a major sporting event in the US with more than 95 million viewers. FTX also purchased naming rights to a reputable stadium in California.

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