Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity to be revealed after Florida lawsuit

The identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has remained one of the greatest mysteries in the financial sector. Despite speculations on who could be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, there has been zero evidence to support any of these claims.

Now, the crypto community is following a Florida lawsuit keenly that could unravel the mystery of who Nakamoto really is.

Satoshi Nakamoto could be unmasked

The name Satoshi Nakamoto first appeared in 2008, when the concept of Bitcoin and blockchain technology was first invented. In October 2008, an individual under the name sent a letter to cryptographers explaining how the concept of this payments system would work.

When Bitcoin was first invented, Nakamoto mined around one million coins. Nakamoto remained active two years after Bitcoin’s invention before disappearing in late 2010.

One of the people who have claimed to be Satoshi is Craig Wright. However, his claim has highly been debated by the Bitcoin community. At some point, Wright gave up his claim of being Nakamoto before recently resuming his claims.

Now, Wright has been sued by a Florida family dubbed the “Kleiman’s” for recruiting their relative who worked in the incorporation of a Florida company in 2011. The company known as W&K Info Defense Research was a partnership between the two individuals. However, Wright has declared that he is the sole owner of the company and denied any partnership.

As aforementioned, Satoshi mined one million Bitcoins during the coin’s early years. However, he or she has never touched any of the coins. The Kleiman family now claim that they are entitled to half a million Bitcoins because of the partnership between Satoshi and a member of the Kleiman family.

Wright’s claim of being Satoshi

Wright is an Australian programmer who, in 2016, stated that he was Bitcoin’s founder. He even set up meetings with different crypto engineers, gave interviews and published report papers on cryptography and Bitcoin to support his claim.

However, after his claim, Wright faced a lot of criticism from the Bitcoin community, which led to him dropping his claim of being Satoshi. He even issued an apology and took down all the cryptography papers from his website.

The real identity of Satoshi could be unmasked in this lawsuit, but the only proof of any person being the real Satoshi will be moving even a fraction of the one million coins owned by the Bitcoin founder.

Your capital is at risk.

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