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A Comprehensive Bitcoin CoinJoin Guide

Everything you need to know about utilizing CoinJoin in your bitcoin transactions. Preliminaries To understand CoinJoin, it wou… Read more

Jack Dorsey’s Spiral Announces The Lightning Dev Kit

The bitcoin-focused company has published a short film on the project it has been working on for over two years. Jack Dorsey’s … Read more

Why I Believe The Best Of Bitcoin Is Yet To Come

Bitcoin is a young, fresh technology with incredible potential — and we haven’t even touched the surface of possibilities. Watc… Read more

Colombia’s Biggest Bank To Offer Bitcoin Trading

Bancolombia will soon offer its customers the ability to buy and sell bitcoin through a partnership with Gemini. Cryptocurrency … Read more

Bitcoin And The Fall Of Davos Man

Tom Luongo discusses his theory of Davos man and what Bitcoin means geopolitically at this time of great change. Watch This Epi… Read more

Bitcoin Card Embily Joins Visa’s Fast Track Program

The fintech expects its prepaid debit card product to launch in the U.S. in Q1 2022. Embily USA, the American arm of European fi… Read more

Bitcoin Is Self Preservation

Central planning has been so pervasively normalized that whole sectors of society have become dependent on the largesse of the fi… Read more

The Bitcoin Water Trust Reaches 100 Bitcoin

The fund created by nonprofit charity: water will hold its BTC reserves until 2025, when it will begin using it to support operat… Read more

Bitwage Processes World’s First Bitcoin Payroll On Lightning

The bitcoin payroll company teamed up with Voltage and ACINQ to process the world’s first Lightning payroll. Bitwage has proces… Read more

How Centralized Is Bitcoin Mining Really?

There are numerous factors to consider in weighing the centralization of bitcoin mining, and the industry can only be as decentra… Read more

Facing The Chasm: The Future Of Bitcoin And The Metaverse

Bitcoin will play a pivotal role in the transfer of information from the physical realm to the digital. We tend to think of the … Read more

How An 18th Century Gambler Paved The Way For Central Banks, And Necessitated Bitcoin

John Law, a darling of the French king, wrote the blueprint for central banks, demonstrating the fiat flaws that Bitcoin solves a… Read more

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