Don't Buy Bitcoin ETFs

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Bitcoin Futures ETF Has Record Day

The ProShares bitcoin futures ETF traded $280 million worth of shares in its first 20 minutes. The below is from a recent editio… Read more

Second Bitcoin-Linked ETF In The US To Begin Trading On Friday

The fund, which tried listing as BTFD, has backtracked and will list under the ticker symbol BTF. The second bitcoin-linked ETF… Read more

How Bitcoin Brings Financial Literacy To Everyone

Discovering and understanding bitcoin can be a catalyst for people to explore the origins of money and the world of finance. Cr… Read more

BITO Bitcoin ETF Becomes Fastest ETF Ever To Hit $1 Billion AUM

The ProShares bitcoin-linked ETF hit $1 billion in assets under management in just two days. ProShares bitcoin-linked ETF hit $… Read more

Jack Dorsey Tweets Moon As Bitcoin Hits All-Time Price High

Today, the price of Bitcoin hit a brand new all time high of $66,000 and the Twitter and Square CEO is taking notice. The price … Read more

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Now Prefers Bitcoin Over Gold

Billionaire Hedge-fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones said Wednesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box that he now prefers Bitcoin over gold as a he… Read more

Discussing Bitcoin versus Slavecoins

A group of Bitcoiners discuss the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem Watch Thi… Read more

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